We are eSofa and we operate e-Sofa.co.uk. We are a limited registered in England and Wales under company registration number 12569881 and our registered office is at 97 Sutherland Avenue, Newcastle, Tyne And Wear, England, NE4 9NR.

1.1 Please use the information on our Contact Us page to get in touch with us.

1.2 If we need to contact you, we will do so at our discretion by calling you at the number you provided, or writing to you at the email address or postal address you provided.



2.1 These are the terms and conditions on which we provide you with goods.

2,2 Before submitting your order to us, please read these terms carefully. These terms explain who we are, how we can deliver goods to you, how you and we can alter or terminate the contract, what to do if there is an issue, and other important details. If you believe there is an error in these words, please contact us so we can discuss it. We reserve the right to change these terms at any time and without warning.


3.1 All orders placed through our website must be approved by us. Our approval of your order will occur when we email you to approve it, at which point a contract between you and us will be established.

3.2 We will notify you if we are unable to accept your order and will not charge you for the items. This may be because the item is out of stock or because we discovered a mistake in the product's price or description.
3.3 When we approve your order, we will assign it an order number and inform you of it. If you can tell us your order number once you contact us about your order, that would be helpful.

3.4 Mainland United Kingdom Our website is purely for the purpose of promoting our goods in specific areas of the United Kingdom; please see our Delivery Page for more details about where we deliver. Before placing your order, please review the page. Outside of those places, we do not accept orders or send to addresses. 


4.1 The product photos on our website are only for illustration purposes. While we have made every effort to accurately show the colours, we cannot guarantee that the colours shown on a screen accurately represent the colour of the items. Your product may differ slightly from those depicted in the photographs. Your computer, screen settings, or batching, in particular, will influence how the colours of our products appear on our website.
4.2 Since our items are handmade, all measurements indicated on our website which have a minor difference, even though we have made every effort to be as precise as possible (up to 5cm).

4.3 We cannot guarantee that identical goods purchased at different times would fit due to batch differences. This requires a perfect colour match as well as precise measurements.



5.1 Please contact us if you wish to make a change to the product you have ordered. If the change is possible, we will notify you. If practicable, we will notify you of any adjustments to the product's price, supply timing, or anything else that may be required as a result of your requested change, and we will ask you to clarify whether you wish to proceed with the change.




6. 1 The cost of delivery will be specified during the order phase. Delivery is not included in the prices shown for products. Our Delivery page has more details.

6.2 Organizing the distribution at the time of ordering, you will be given an estimate of how long it will take to receive your order. We will contact you to arrange a delivery date once your order has been verified as available for delivery. Since we are unable to store your furniture, we will deliver on the first available van in your city. While every attempt is made to ensure that the estimated delivery date is correct, on rare occasions, the manufacture of your order may be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control, in which case we may need to reschedule your delivery. Of course, we will make every effort to keep you updated. We don't compensate you if you're late.

6.3 We are not liable for delays that are outside our control. If an incident beyond our control causes a delay in the delivery of the goods, we will notify you as soon as possible and take measures to minimise the impact of the delay. We will not be responsible for any delays caused by the case, but if you believe there is a significant risk of delay, you will contact us to terminate the contract and request a refund for any goods you have paid for but not received. In exceptional cases, we can be forced to cancel your order completely, in which case we will issue a full refund.

6.4 Please review your order carefully. Please inspect your order carefully after it has been delivered and notify us (and the delivery personnel) if there are any problems.

6.5.1 A responsible adult (18 years of age or older) must be present to supervise and approve delivery.

6.5.2 We can only deliver to ground-floor residences, first-floor residences with easy entry, or higher-floor residences with a functional lift. If delivery to higher floors is necessary and there is no lift or the lift is not large enough to accommodate the goods, we will deliver to the ground floor only and ask that you obtain assistance in transporting the items upstairs.

6.5.3 You must ensure that the order is delivered to the appropriate room in your home in a secure manner.

6.5.4 If your order does not fit into your home, we will not be held liable. It will be your duty to ensure that the sofa fits through the doors, hallways, and spaces. If the order doesn't work, we'll look into it on a case-by-case basis and come up with a reasonable solution.

6.6 Re-delivery fee. We may charge you a £99 re-delivery fee if:

·        no one is available at your address to take delivery during the agreed delivery window (although we will contact you using the details you provided for further instructions);

·        there is no safe means of access to the place of delivery or we are otherwise unable to deliver because of the limits on delivery listed above; or

·        you cancel the delivery within 96 hours before the delivery date and want to rearrange delivery.

6.7 You are the one who collects. You can contact us to arrange collection from our premises during working hours if you have requested to collect the items from our premises or have them collected by a third-party carrier. We will treat the order as shipped until you or your third-party carrier receives it, and we will not take any responsibility or liability for any harm to your orders once they are out of our control. Any distribution forwarding is done at your own risk.

6.8 The product will be your responsibility from the time we deliver it to the address you gave us in your order (or as otherwise specified in your delivery instructions) or you or a carrier organised by you collect it from us.

6.9 If we have to delay the delivery of a product to you by more than 30 days from the original estimated delivery date or change the product or discontinue it (for example, to deal with technical problems or changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements or because of a lack of materials), we will contact you to tell you we will be doing this, unless the problem is urgent or an emergency. You may contact us to cancel your order if we do this and we will refund any sums you have paid in advance after you cancel the order.

6.10 We may cancel your order if you break the terms of the contract. We may end the contract for a product at any time by writing to you if:

·        you do not make any payment to us when it is due;

·        you do not, within a reasonable time of us asking for it, provide us with information that is necessary for us to deliver the products; or

·        you do not, within a reasonable time, allow us to deliver the products to you.